Yakumei Winter Ball 2012 Slideshow

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Yakumei Winter Ball 2012 Slideshow *Click mee…..tee hee*


Yakumei Grand Ball Volunteer Lists

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  • Olivia – White Snowflakes (brought to site day of event)

Setup: Time 10 AM

  • Andrew (Oogie)
  • Olivia
  • Aaron (Time permitting)
  • Link


  • Ashly Staples – Veggie Tray
  • Stacy Kooistra – Cookies & Pasta Salad
  • Krystle Russell and Chelsea – Appetizers
  • Gabby Canno – Desserts

Day Of:

  • Carl – Will Call/Ticket Sales – Trash help & general awesomeness

Ball Help:

Aaron & Olivia – photographer and general help

Teardown: Time: 9 PM

  • Becca Miller

Will Call:
Yakumei Grand Ball Will Call List 2012

  • Samantha Erxleben
  • Ashly Staples
  • Isabel Quinton
  • Ollie Camarillo
    4 friends
  • Izabel (Izzy) Babic
  • Adeline (Addi)
  • Gabby Canno
  • Molly Goggin

Yakumei’s Grand Ball: A Prince & Princess Holiday Fantasy

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One and all – welcome to the ball!
We request the honor of your presence as Yakumei Family to our Annual Winter Ball.

Yakumei’s official 8th gathering – A Grand Ball of Royalty! A Princess and Prince Holiday Fantasy!

Can you believe it? We have made it this far, Yakumei, and the future looks bright. We shall have many more – Let’s bring in the new year true Yakumei style!
But everone wants to know….What should I wear…..

  • This is a formal event.
  • The theme is “Princes and Princesses”.
  • This is a Yakumei Event. (Yakumei family? If you are here, you are Yakumei. Cmon. You can Cosplay like no other.YOU KNOW THIS)
  • We are classy and fun – but we want you to showcase your best Cosplay. (Insider tip – awesome cosplay – will not be turned away)

We cannot wait to celebrate with you. Our night is fulfilled with:

  • Grand Entry (Entering under the main archway)
  • Honoring of our Kings and Queens
  • Gimme Circle

Winter is coming: A Game of Thrones

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Yakumei 4! We are all excited to get together September 29th for our next event. Visit the resources tab for maps, the lowdown, and other goodies!

See you all there!

Join us on July 28th at Forest park for a day of much muchness!

Bring your teacup, cosplay, and sense of adventure for a day that is sure to be epic in merriment. Any games or food you would like to share are also welcome! (As well as any door-mice.)

Never been to Forest Park? Check out the resource link above for all sorts of goodies. See you on the other side of the looking glass!


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Alright Yakumei Fans..According to fb we have reach 853 people so far. Great job everyone. Thank you soooo very much. Lets keep the ball rolling. So this weekend Steven Mayo, Cheyenne DeVaney, and myself all went out to do some shopping for our 1st event. we bought all kinds of goodies, bubbles, balloons, Pocky for the Pocky stacking challenge, and other party favors. We are also looking to possible rent a cotton candy and Sno-Cone machine for our 1st meet & greet. We are still working on the final logo, which we plan on do amazing things with, so you won’t want to miss anything. So please help us by telling EVERYONE about Yakumei and encourage them to join us on June 16th!! Looking forward to meeting you all!!
(- H)

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Found this and thought we could post as something that could be alot of fun outside of our monthly meet & greet. If we find ideas such as these we will post them for you just cuz we can 🙂 It’s $5 per person or $15 for a group of five. Take pics and post them if you go please. Have fun!!

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